Oil Tank Safety Tips for Your Rhode Island Home

What would happen if there was an oil leak on your property? Do you know what to do? Well, rest assured! If you’re enrolled in Aquidneck Service’s oil tank protection program, you’re covered if a leak does happen. If you’re not enrolled in our oil tank protection program, and you’re curious about how it keeps your oil tank protected, then read on! But, don’t forget to enroll in oil tank protection for more peace of mind.

Oil Tank Protection Program Highlights

If you’re a homeowner in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, it’s never been as easy or practical to protect your property from an oil tank leak. Call the experts here at Aquidneck Services! With our oil tank protection program, we’ll monitor your tank to ensure it’s in good condition, and if there are any issues, our expert technicians will proactively replace your oil tank before it has the chance to leak. This will save you money and the stress that comes with cleaning up after an oil leak.

Who benefits from this service?

This service benefits any homeowner who has an above ground heating oil tank. With annual tank testing included, and up to $1,000 toward tank replacement for qualifying oil tanks (and $200 toward non-qualifying oil tanks) it’s easy to see how homeowners in Rhode Island would benefit from an oil tank protection plan.

What does this service cover?

The oil tank protection plan provides a $1,000 credit for replacing your oil tank. You could also qualify for a $200 credit for replacing a non-qualifying oil tank. (This definitely beats cleanup costs for leaking oil tanks, which can sometimes exceed $100,000!)

Why does oil tank protection matter?

Oil tank protection matters because oil tanks typically corrode from the inside out, with no real visible way of showing how thin a tank’s wall could be. Without proactive ultrasonic testing, your oil tank could leak at any time, and you don’t want that!

Where is it offered in RI or MA?

If you’re a homeowner in Rhode Island, or Massachusetts, you can enroll in oil tank protection with Aquidneck Services today!

Why is oil tank protection important?

You regularly maintain your oil burner and your boiler or furnace, right? The same concept applies here; your oil tank needs some attention every so often as well. If your energy provider isn’t already checking on the status of your oil tank – even as little as once a year – an oil leak could happen to you without warning, and could potentially cost quite a bit of money during clean up.

How do I sign up for oil tank protection?

You can sign up for oil tank protection with Aquidneck Services in seconds! For just a few bucks a month, you can avoid the risk of an oil tank leak, which could happen suddenly, and could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up your property, and the surrounding properties.

If you have any other questions about the importance of protecting your oil tank, how to prevent a leak, or the benefits of signing up for our oil tank protection program, contact Aquidneck Services today!