Reliable Water Heater Installations in the Newport, Washington and Bristol Counties

No one likes running out of hot water. Aquidneck Services offers water heater installation and replacement services for oil, propane, and natural gas-powered systems at an affordable price. Regardless of your current water heating system or energy source, we can service all types of water heaters and perform installations for the new system of your preference. Achieve improved efficiency and better-heated water while enjoying the convenience and comfort of worrying less about running out of hot water when you rely on Aquidneck for your new water heater installations.


Expert Water Heater Installations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Aquidneck Services relies on our trusted experts to correctly and safely install your new water heater in your home or business. We are more than happy to discuss all your heating system installation options with you and ensure that, as our customer, you are receiving the best quality service for all your energy needs in the Newport, Washington or Bristol County area. With Aquidneck water heater installations you can expect:

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