How to Find the Best HVAC Company for Your Oil-to-Gas Conversion

Thinking about oil-to-gas conversion? If you’re thinking about converting your Massachusetts or Rhode Island home from heating oil to natural gas, we’re here to give you a few fast facts about what you need to know. Heating oil has plenty of benefits: it’s safe, reliable, and abundant, but it’s not your only option. With natural gas, you have a connection to an underground pipeline and don’t have to schedule deliveries when the weather starts to cool down. Continue reading this blog post from Aquidneck Services to learn more about the benefits of oil-to-natural-gas conversions as well as what you should look for in an HVAC provider to perform this service at your Newport, Washington or Bristol County home.

Top Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas

Although your current heating oil system has a lot of benefits of its own, such as safety, reliability, and abundance, natural gas heating systems are in a league of their own with underground pipeline distribution and extremely low emission rates. With natural gas, you will have unlimited fuel without needing to schedule deliveries, you’ll be able to cut out 25% emissions when compared to traditional heating oil, and you’ll notice a significant decrease in your winter heating energy costs! Check out the other benefits of converting your RI & MA home to natural gas fueling:

  • You’ll never have to deal with a surprise fuel runout.
  • You can shrink your carbon footprint and do better by the environment.
  • You get convenient pipeline fuel service, & never need to check your fuel levels
  • Your home and family get highly affordable warmth and home comfort.

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Tips for Finding the Best HVAC Company for Your Oil-to-Gas Conversions

1. Read Online Customer Service Reviews

Some large HVAC companies offer poor customer service and won’t help residential customers when they need assistance. Be sure to compare testimonials and reviews of your top HVAC provider choices and make sure they provide the outstanding customer service you deserve before booking your oil-to-gas conversion service.

2. Verify the Company’s Service Area

A company may be the perfect fit in every other way, but their service area is crucial to a successful business agreement. Look for an online service area map and ensure that your home is within their service area range. This will allow the HVAC service provider to reach you when you need them and also help you narrow down your search for the company that can best help you convert your oil heating system to natural gas quickly and efficiently. To check out the Massachusetts and Rhode Island towns we serve, please visit our service area page here.

3. Check Out Their Other Service Offerings

When you’re trying to find an HVAC service provider that fits your unique needs, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Does the company that you’re considering also offer important services such as heating equipment tune-ups, service plans, and 24/7 emergency services? For example, when you choose Aquidneck Services for your energy needs, you can expect that we:

We’re Your Natural Gas Conversion Experts Here in MA & RI

If an oil-to-gas conversion is a serious consideration for you, Aquidneck Services can help. Many homes in the Newport, Washington and Bristol Counties already have natural gas lines, but if your home doesn’t, there is no need to worry! Our technicians have years of experience and are highly qualified to install gas lines. To learn more about converting to natural gas, be sure to contact us today or give us a call at (401) 251-4226. Not yet an Aquidneck Customer? Simply fill out our online registration form here to get started!