Top 5 Tips for Saving Energy This Fall and Winter in MA and RI

The air is getting crisp, leaves are on the ground, and holiday festivities are just around the corner—all tell-tale signs of fall in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. During this time of year, many of us look forward to cozy evenings by the fireplace and warm and welcoming meals with family. An increase in indoor activities makes now the perfect time to think about saving energy. Check out these practical tips from Aquidneck Services to help you reduce home comfort costs and save energy this fall and winter season.

Tips To Save Energy This Heating Season

Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up

If you are invested in the efficient operation of your heating equipment, then regular maintenance is a must. During an annual tune-up, a technician inspects and cleans various components, including vents and filters, calibrates the system for optimal efficiency, and ensures it is in safe working order.  A tune-up for your boiler or furnace can help identify issues that may be causing your system to work harder and consume more energy. Scheduling pre-season maintenance is a small step to maximize your heating system’s performance, help prevent expensive breakdowns or malfunctions, and save on energy bills.

Let the Sun Work for You

Open your curtains during the day and let natural sunlight spill into your home! This is a simple, free, and effective way to capitalize on passive solar heating. Sunlight from open windows can directly warm your living spaces and reduce the need for artificial heating. By making the most of available daylight, you will keep your home cozy and enjoy energy and cost savings.

Find and Seal Leaks

Leaks around windows and doors can allow cold air to sneak into your home and warm air to seep out. Locating and sealing these leaks with weatherstripping or caulk is a low-cost way to save energy and keep the air you spent money on heating inside your home.

A smart way to locate these pesky leaks is by using the candle trick. On a windy day, light a candle, and carefully move it around the edges of windows, doors, electrical outlets, and other protentional leak sources. If you notice the flame flickering, that indicates air movement and could highlight the presence of a leak.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you haven’t yet invested in a programmable thermostat, now is an excellent time—before the cold fully sets in. That’s because a programmable thermostat is a valuable tool for energy conservation. Set lower temperatures when you’re out of the house or asleep and warmer temperatures when you’re likely to be home. This adjustment helps ensure you aren’t spending money on energy to heat the air when you aren’t even home to enjoy it.

Consider an Upgrade

When you think back to our last heating season, do you remember being frustrated with inconsistent heating in your home? Have repairs been needed more frequently over the years? Is your heating equipment pushing 15 years old? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time for an upgrade. Modern heating systems are designed to be more energy efficient, offering better performance and reduced energy consumption—saving you money in the long term.

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Enjoy a Cozy, Energy-Efficient Season with Aquindeck Services

To enjoy the fall and winter while saving on energy costs, follow these tips, and don’t forget Aquidneck Services is here for all of your heating needs. We even offer 24-hour emergency service and service plans to help your system run efficiently year-round. We look forward to keeping you and your family safe and cozy this season. Contact Aquidneck Services for more information on how we can help you achieve your home comfort goals. Not a customer yet? Become a customer today; we would love to have you as part of the Aquindeck family.