Affordable Residential & Commercial HVAC Services in Portsmouth, RI

Expert Gas Line Repair Services in Portsmouth, RI

Aquidneck Services performs professional gas line repair services in Portsmouth, RI. Rely on us to get the job done and replace your old, worn, or damaged gas lines quickly and safely. If you have noticed any rust, cracks, or other signs of wear on your gas lines, it is time to contact us to resolve the problem immediately. An old, inefficient, or broken gas line will cause inadequate supply to your natural gas-fired appliances like your stovetop, fireplace, or home heating system, and this may also cause your Portsmouth, RI home’s gas bill to rise significantly as a result. If you have noticed any of these warning signs or have smelled strange odors from your gas lines, contact Aquidneck immediately.

Professional Oil to Gas Conversions in Portsmouth, RI

Are you ready to make the switch to natural gas in Portsmouth, RI? Aquidneck Services can assist you with a complete oil to gas conversion to switch your current heating equipment to a reliable natural gas-fired HVAC system. If you are a current heating oil customer who would like to convert your system to this more affordable energy source, our experts are equipped to perform the gas line hook ups and installations needed to get you started as soon as possible. Get a FREE gas conversion quote for your Portsmouth, RI home today!

Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installations and Service in Portsmouth, RI

If your space does not have existing HVAC ductwork, then a sleek and efficient ductless mini-split air conditioning system might be the perfect choice for your home in Portsmouth, RI. Unlike central A/C systems, mini-split ductless air conditioners give you complete climate control over the temperature in a room, leading to a 30% increase in annual energy savings. Save more money, and enjoy the cool air during the hottest months of the year with a new mini-split system.

Gas Generator Hook Ups in Portsmouth, RI

There’s no better way to ensure your peace of mind than installing a generator on your property in Portsmouth, RI. You can rest assured knowing that you will always have a backup plan if your home suddenly loses power from a blackout or severe weather. Gain better home protection by installing a gas generator today. Aquidneck Services is proud to provide our Portsmouth, RI customers with gas generator hook-up services. Utilize the natural gas power source you already use for this new safety equipment on your property. We’ll do all the hard work of ensuring that the gas hookups on your new generator are properly secured, so you can enjoy every season with even more comfort and convenience. To get started, contact us today.

Oil, Propane, and Natural Gas Water Heater Replacement Services in Portsmouth, RI

In need of a water heater replacement in Portsmouth, RI? Aquidneck Services offers water heater replacement services for oil, propane, and natural gas-powered systems at an affordable price. The top reasons you may want to consider replacing your water heater include poor performance, cold water, murky water, rusting, water that has a reddish tint, knocking sounds coming from your water heater, or leaking. Any of these issues may require urgent water heater replacement, so it is best to get in touch with Aquidneck immediately to replace your Portsmouth, RI home’s old equipment. Regardless of your system or energy source, we can service all types of water heaters and perform installations for the new system of your preference. Get started now!

Indirect Water Heater Installation Services in Portsmouth, RI

No one likes running out of hot water. If you are currently using a tankless boiler system to heat your water, an indirect water heater is a smart option for you! Achieve improved efficiency and better-heated water while enjoying the convenience and comfort of worrying less about running out of hot water. An indirect water heater is an insulated water storage tank that holds a coiled heat exchanger which transfers thermal oil from your heating system to heat the water in conjunction with your existing heating equipment. These systems are known to have greater recovery rates and are easy to install and maintain. Don’t hesitate to contact Aquidneck about your new indirect water heater in Portsmouth, RI today!

Rebates for Portsmouth, RI

Now that you’ve installed new energy-efficient equipment in your Portsmouth, RI home, you deserve to get something back for doing your part! Rhode Island Energy has been helping people and organizations purchase quality conservation products at affordable prices since 1982. Rebates available on boilers, furnaces, water heaters, electric heat pumps, air conditioners, and more are provided by Rhode Island Energy. Learn more about applying for a rebate to finance your new energy equipment. Click the button below to learn more about applying for a rebate for your new, energy-efficient systems in Portsmouth, RI.

We’re Here for Your Reliable Heating & A/C Service Needs in Portsmouth, RI

From the installation of an entirely new HVAC system to furnace sales, water heater installations, and gas line repairs, no job in Portsmouth, RI is too large or too small for our professionals. Our business is family-owned and operated, fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to providing our Portsmouth, RI clients with the highest quality products and services. Give us a call at (401) 251-4226, or contact us online to get started today!

Heat Pump Installation Services in Portsmouth, RI

How old is the current heating equipment in your Portsmouth, RI home? An old heat pump might be causing inefficient heating, high energy bills, and subjecting you to the risk of a heat-loss emergency in the case of a breakdown. Get in touch with our professionals at Aquidneck Services for a new heat pump installation on your conventional, ducted heating systems.

Count on Aquidneck Services for Expert Gas, Oil, & Propane Heating Service and Installations in Portsmouth, RI

Aquidneck Services is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction through our comprehensive home comfort service offerings, including air conditioning, heating, and gas services to serve our Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities within the Bristol, Washington or Newport counties. Our team of experienced technicians can assure you that every job will be completed properly, promptly, and with the level of quality you expect and deserve. Keep reading to learn each of the services that Aquidneck offers in Portsmouth, RI.